Skirting Prices

Meranti Profiles
Supawood Profiles
140 x 18mm (S) R 56.99 140 x 18mm (S) R 31.99
120 x 18mm (N) R 48.99 120 x 18mm (N) R 28.99
90 x 18mm (A) R 36.99 90 x 18mm (A) R 24.99
70 x 18mm (C) R 28.99 70 x 18mm (C) R 20.99
19 x 19mm (Scotia or QR) R  8.99    
Pine Profiles
140 x 20mm (S) P.O.R    
100 x20mm (A) P.O.R    

* All prices excluding VAT and are subject to change without prior notice
* All prices exclude treatment of products
* Payment is strictly C.O.D. for merchandise
* Manufacturing period for skirting: 5 Working days - Subject to Change
* Manufacturing period given in this quotation is approximate and while Innovation Mouldings will attempt to deliver within the specified period it does not accept responsibility for any caused by any factor beyond control